Soccer is a combination between aerobic exercise, balance, agility, coordination and sense of teamwork.  All of those conditions can be ruined by an injury. Injury prevention, early detection, and treatment can keep young players on the field long term.

Most injuries in soccer can be treated by rest, ice, and elevation. But in many cases, pushing through the pain can be harmful, especially for stress fractures, knee ligament injuries, and any injury to the head or neck.

What should we do then? The best treatment for injures is prevention, so a lot of injuries can be avoided before they happen.  Every player should make sure their shoes fit correctly, avoid fields with bad conditions, use properly sized synthetic balls, hydrate adequately, and maintain proper training to avoid overusing your body.  These are just some of the precautions that athletes should follow to have a longer athletic career on the field.

Hero Girls Camp 2018, an international women’s soccer camp, will be lead by elite players and professional coaches that have extensive knowledge on injury prevention. They will educate you on how to protect your body in order to keep you healthy for the duration of your athletic career.  Come to Barcelona this summer to enjoy a unique soccer program where you will become a better version of yourself!

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