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Be safe, play longer

Soccer is a combination between aerobic exercise, balance, agility, coordination and sense of teamwork.  All of those conditions can be ruined by an injury. Injury prevention, early detection, and treatment can keep young players on the field long term. Most injuries...

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The influence of the ELITE player

Professional athletes at the top of their game can have an extremely positive influence on younger players, especially for women. While their male counterparts often get all the attention and glory, elite female athletes put in the same amount of work and often face...

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Top 10 ELITE women players

It is often difficult to strive towards success without a factor that can be used as motivation. When it comes to sports, athletes have their own role models that they look up to and this acts as their motivator. Although this can be a coach, family member, friend,...

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The international experience

Spending a summer abroad provides a lifetime experience that can never be explained in plain words. Many people today do not realize the importance of being in a foreign country and fully immersing themselves in the native culture. Prior to traveling abroad, it is...

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