Spending a summer abroad provides a lifetime experience that can never be explained in plain words. Many people today do not realize the importance of being in a foreign country and fully immersing themselves in the native culture. Prior to traveling abroad, it is natural to be unaware of what to expect. As a young female entering a new country, you may feel nervous, scared, but also excited about the upcoming journey. These emotions are typical for anyone planning on entering a foreign country. However, even with the many differences between the people and culture, you are still able to connect with the community on a whole new level. You can share your own experiences, and gain more knowledge from others through the program as well. Through this experience, you begin to understand that there will always be a way to communicate and make a connection with others, whether it be through language, culture, knowledge, etc.


This is the reason why Hero Girls Camp is a great option for anyone trying to build those connections. Girls from different countries coming with their own values and beliefs are given the opportunity to participate in an enriching experience through an immersive girls soccer camp in Barcelona. Not only do these strong-willed girls come together through one common interest, but they learn and grow from the experience as well. The soccer camp allows these girls to better understand the sport and work together as a team, overcoming the cultural differences. As they come together as one while practicing soccer, barriers such as language and values do not seem to be a concern. Rather, everyone learns from one another and grows in multiple areas altogether. We recommend any young female to take on this opportunity and make memories from a lifetime experience that they will never regret, in the beautiful city of Barcelona. The international experience is something that nobody can never forget.


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